Alice Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos

Professional Status

Emerita Professor of Criminology and (twice) former Dean (Rector) of the Panteion University of Athens (first woman Dean), Lawyer at the Supreme Court and the Council of State.

Other Official Positions

Since 1974: President of the Greek League for Women’s Rights (since 2004 Honorary President). Since 1978: President of the Hellenic Society of Criminology and President of the Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights (MFHR). From 1989 to 1996: President of the International Alliance of Women (since 1997 Honorary President). From January 2000 to October 2006: President of the National Commission of the Hellenic Republic for Human Rights. Twice elected Dean of the Panteion University of Athens (1979 and 1983).


1) In the field of Criminology (university courses, publication of handbooks, essays, articles, organisation of conferences, seminars and international courses). Founder and President of the Hellenic Society of Criminology since 1978 and Member of the Board of the International Society of Criminology since 1979.

2) She is a specialist in women’s rights issues. In her capacities as President of the Greek League for Women’s Rights and of the International Alliance of Women (which has a consultative status with ECOSOC, the Council of Europe and other UN related international organisations), she has organised several conferences, colloquies, seminars and has represented the IAW at UN Meetings in Geneva, New York and Vienna.

3) She was a member of the Commission that achieved the reforms of the Hellenic legislation (family law, decriminalisation of abortion, etc.) on the basis of gender equality after the revision of the Constitution in 1975. In 2001, on her proposal, the Greek Constitution introduced the effective (instead of formal) equality and recognised affirmative action measures for its achievement. She has also worked on the implementation of the Constitution as revised in 2001.

She presided over the Greek Council for the Equality of Genders which drew up a «Triennial Plan for the implementation of gender equality in Greece» (1992-1995).

She has been intensely involved in activities in the field of Human Rights in general, especially through the Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights.

She was a member of the Hellenic Delegation at the UN General Assembly, at the Vienna Conference for Human Rights (1993), at the UN Conferences in Mexico (1975), Copenhagen (1980) and Nairobi (1985) on Equality, Development and Peace, at the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development, at the Copenhagen Summit for Social Development (1995).

She also participated in the Council of Europe Colloquy on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the UDHR (1998).

She has particularly worked and continues working on the issues of child labour, trafficking in women and children, freedom of religion, implementation of the UN Millennium Declaration with particular regard to the elimination of poverty, implementation of article 5, ch. I and articles 38 and 49, ch. II of the Vienna Declaration (1993) which aim at safeguarding Human Rights against traditions and practices that contradict them, effective protection of the environment and climate change, implementation of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982), with particular focus on the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the exploitation of hydrocarbons, the fight against transnational organised crime.

She has also represented Greece on several occasions at the General Conference of UNESCO, within the framework of which she served in 1993 as rapporteur in Commission V (Human Rights).

She has repeatedly represented Greece at conferences of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna and was elected Vice-President of the European regional preparatory meeting in Vienna (1994) in view of the Ninth UN Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders.



Alice Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos has authored and edited several books and many essays on criminology and criminal law issues (in Greek, English and French).

She also has published an important number of books and essays on human rights and women’s rights in Greek, English and French.

Hereby are cited only books of which she is the author or the editor (and writer of essays in them). The list does not include the numerous essays and studies published in books edited by others, as well as articles published in journals.


Alice Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos has been the author and/or editor of the following books:

1. The Motives of Crime, A Study in Criminology and Penal Law, LGDI, Paris, 1974, XIV + 350 pp. [in French].

2. The Treatment of Mentally Abnormal Criminals, v. I, Mental Abnormalities and Crime, Athens, 1975, 198 pp. [in Greek]

3. University Courses on Criminology, Athens, 1979, Vol. I, 221 pp. [in Greek].

4. Introduction to Criminology: The Crime, The Criminology, Athens, 1984, 137 pp. [in Greek].

5. The Peculiarities of Female Criminality and Their Causes: A Human Rights Perspective, Esperia, London, 1992, 174 pp. [in English].

6. Women’s Rights – Human Rights, A. Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos(ed.), Hestia, Athens, 1994, 360 pp. [in English, summaries in Greek].

7. Affirmative Action, Towards an Effective Gender Equality, Sakkoulas-Bruylant, Athens-Brussels,1998, 155 pp. [in English].

8. Les mesures positives pour une égalité effective des sexes, Sakkoulas-Bruylant, Athens-Brussels, 1998, 178 pp. [in French].

9. Equality and Development: Fifty Years of UN Contribution to their Evolution, A. Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos (ed.), Ant. N. Sakkoulas, Athens-Komotini, 1998, 311 pp. [in Greek and English].

10. The Evolution of the Concept of Equality in Contemporary Democracy, A. Sakkoulas, Athens, 1998, 65 pp. [in Greek].

11. The Academic Community at the Dawn of the Third Millennium: Fundamental Rights and Responsibilities, P. Tavernier – A. Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos (ed.), Bruylant, Brussels, 2000, 272 pp. [in French]

12. The Agreements on Extradition and on Mutual Legal Assistance between the EU and the USA, E. Spiliotopoulos, S. Koukouli-Spiliotopoulos, A. Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos, Athens, 2003 [in English].

13. Anti-terrorist Measures and Human Rights, W. Benedek (European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Austria) and A. Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos (ed.), Martinus Nijhoff, Leiden-Boston, 2004, 391 pp. [in English].

14. L’Etat Actuel des Droits de l’Homme dans le Monde, Défis et Perspective, A. Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos (éd.), A. Pedone, 2006, 301 pp. [in French and English].

15. Droits de l’Homme et Politique Anticriminelle, 69ème Cours International dans le cadre de la Société internationale de Criminologie, A. Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos (éd.), Ant. N. Sakkoulas-Bruylant, Athens-Komotini and Brussels, 2007, 267 pp. [in French and English].

16Collective Violence and Aggressiveness at School, Greek National Commission for Human Rights, A. Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos (ed.), Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens, 2010, 367 pp. [in Greek].

17Criminology in the Face of Contemporary Challenges, A. Yotopoulos-Marangopoulos (ed.), Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens, 2011, 333 pp. [in Greek].

Under her direction, over 80 books on Human Rights issues have been published by the MFHR. More than 200 conferences, seminars and colloquies, have been organised in Greece and abroad by the MFHR alone or jointly which other organisations.

Other activities

She has served as Vice President of the Athens Bar Association, Vice President of the Centre of Social Research and member of the Governing Board of the Bank of Greece.


Besides Greek, she speaks and writes French, English, Italian and German.

Honorary Distinctions

Among other distinctions, she has received the decoration of the «Grand Commandeur of the Order of the Phoenix» by the President of the Hellenic Republic. She has also received the 2006 National Distinction of the Academy of Athens (awarding ceremony of the 25th March 2006), the Toqueville Award 1992 of the «Association Internationale des Criminologues de Langue Française». Additionally, she has been awarded by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order of Cyprus and by the Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy (awarding ceremony in the Greek Parliament, 18th June 2010).