MFHR Resolution on the issue of Cyprus (06.04.2004)


The Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights (MFHR) follows with great anxiety the developments on the issue of Cyprus.

After the United Nations itself, through the various “Annan Plans”, annulled its own resolutions and decisions on the question of Cyprus, which were protecting basic principles of human rights in Cyprus, it is now the turn to undermine the European Union as well. Currently, the fundamental principles of the acquis communautaire, which, among others, protect recognized human rights, are being grossly attacked. This will constitute a fait accompli, which will tear apart the European Union. This development becomes even more lamentable considering that the official organs of the European Union have supported it and, by doing so, they are contradicting their previous assurances on respecting the acquis communautaire.

Thus, following the tattering of the UN authority, through the adoption of various positions, which abrogate international rules and which contradict each other, it is the turn of the self-destruction of the European Union, an organization whose promotion and reinforcement we regard as indispensable in the current state of affairs.

It will be very sad if the Greek political forces support these positions and, moreover, if they press Cypriots to accept them! Only a week ago, these political forces had repeatedly declared that they would support the Cypriot views. Is it necessary to remind that the current tragic situation in Cyprus has been caused by the military regime in Greece, which was produced by the “tergiversation”, and that the violation of international law on the Cypriot issue will constitute a precedent for new violations in order to bring about even more Turkish demands against Greece, which it misses no opportunity to repeat?

Athens, 6 April 2004

The Board of Directors of MFHR